About us

Many a Splendored Thing

Original Art & Handcrafted "Necessities"

We are a couple of ladies (sisters-in-law to be exact) who love to create.

We love to create in many different ways.

We even have friends who love to create.


Are you noticing the theme?


We also have some friends who DON'T love to create


So..... we decided to share our creations with others.


We've invited some of our friends to join us in selling our art and handcrafted "necessities" to others.  We plan to get together a couple of times a year to host this gathering of creators and the unique items they bring with them.  We hope you come and see what we've done.  We are certain you'll find a treasure or two you just can't live without among our assortment of "splendored things".


See you soon ~ Deb and Robin

Coming soon.......